Monday, 2 September 2013

Riding stuffs from this weekend

So i have fallen behind once more... oops :P

We have been working on our lead changes hes being really good but hyper about them! Although im thinking the hyperness is from being sore so i gave him the past two days off/light work (he was possibly used for a lesson)

School starts tomorrow so im realy not looking forward to it at all

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wednesday August 28

So today was extremely hot!

Yesterday me my mom and grandma went to my work for a pedicure :) it was really nice

We went to the little animal farm with my nefew. He loved it!!

Later on I had my lesson which went really well! We were outside and we got Simon to do his complete flying lead change without a pole! It was amazing and made me very happy!

So the show did get canceled this weekend, but its not too bad .. now that show season is over for me we are planning on doing a clinic over the winter! Which will be fun.

So pretty little liars last night tho O.O i cant believe Ezra is A!

Heres a photo of a peacock from today at the little animal park :) and a photo of my toes from my pedicure

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tuesday August 27

So today marks exactly 1 week until I go back to school... ew

Today was like no other, busy. First I went out to the barn to ride, inside because of the terrible storm we had yesterday. Then I got home and got ready and my mother, grandmother and I went to my work for a spa day. My Mum and I had pedicures while my Grandmother had a manicure. It was really nice and afterwards I bought some nail polish. Then as soon as we got home I had to leave and go to work and that is where I have been since.

I am currently going slightly insane as the Pretty Little Liars Summer finale was tonight and I haven't been able to watch it yet and apparently it is everywhere so I can't go on any social media site until I have watched it! (Currently working on that haha)

In other words I'm supposed to have a show this weekend, but I am not sure.. The rain has been really bad and it is calling for more and since it isn't a show for points not many people have been signing up so it may get cancelled all together.

I have a lesson tomorrow YAY!

Well I am gonna go have a heart attack and watch Pretty Little Liars now!

bye <3

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

August 21 lesson

So it is officially 12 days until school starts.. I'm not impressed. It is the start of my last year in High School and it is a scary thought. It is also 10 days until my next show :D. It is on September 1st at my barn! I am of course showing in the hopeful jumpers (like I've been doing all summer.. maybe I will post a post about what you have missed while I haven't been writing... even though I know that no one reads this LOL)

So today I had a jumping lesson and it was FANTABULOUS! Simon was an angel (who has a slight darkside (; ) and for the most part was really good! He jumped everything very well and really got me confident coming up to this show!

One slight downfall was when I was doing a rollback he landed on the wrong lead and I just went with it.. it didn't end well... he ended up slipping in his backend because of how hard the ground is (he was corked in the front) and nearly falling down completely. Fortunately he caught himself and was completely fine and once on the right lead after a little walk he was able to do the turn.

Tomorrow is the second last time I am going to be doing volunteer work this summer! It is sort of bitter sweet as even though it causes me to have to wake up early every Thursday, seeing the looks on most of the riders faces *I volunteer with the therapeutic riding program where disabled children and adults come to ride horses* after their ride really makes it worth it.

I hope everyone is enjoying their last week of no school!

Here's two random photos of Simon from this month!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


So recently me and my sister bought a guitar and I've been teaching myself songs! I've taught myself Wonderwall by Oasis, a bit of Blown Away by Carrie Underwood and the start of Beside you by Marianas Trench!

If you are ever thinking if its worth buying guitar it is! Your fingers will hurt for a little but if you play everyday and really work at it its very rewarded and stress relieving! :)

Monday, 19 August 2013

Today's ride

Well today was interesting. At first everything was normal I walked up hopped on and started warming up. Around one corner Si took a strange step but I didn't really think about it because he is constantly tripping and I assumed that was what it was. I was walking past that corner when I noticed a shoe on the ground and then realized that it was indeed Simon's after most likely looking like a complete retard trying to tell if he had lost one or not without getting off. Along with his shoe he took a piece of his hoof it wasn't too big so hopefully it was not an issue. Bigger issue was that one of the nails were still in the hoof, now I couldn't see it in the sole but apparently one of the trainers at the barn could so it shouldn't have been an issue when the farrier got there (thank god). The farrier had been at the barn earlier and kindly agreed to return later on to put the shoe back on. This is one of the many times that Simon's lost his shoe... A couple other times he lost both at the same time. These incidents occurred within 2 weeks ... Anyways so the good news is that Simon most likely has his shoe on already and the fatty got to spend the day in a stall with hay and water after around 15 minutes of work. Oh did I forget to mention, Simon has gotten slightly obese 😉. 

Well that's my post for today and I won't be at the barn until my lesson on Wednesday so I will see you soon. 

I leave you with this photo from our first off site show from a few weeks past. 

Alive again

So i guess it's been a while.. sorry about that I kind of forgot all about the world of blogging for a while.

ANYWAYS life has been good (: summer is going fantastic and I've been riding a ton! We've even started being able to do flying lead changes with Simon (: Although I had my first fall off of Simon this summer. Ive actually fallen off twice now, once a while ago and once yesterday :p. First one was because of a refusal and yesterdays he was just being cranky and decided to dump me. But other than that Si has been super!

I went to my friends housewarming party yesterday :D it was really fun and everything was entertaining. We watched Mulan and How To Train a Dragon. We enjoy cartoons. My friend who moved to Perth showed up as a surprise which was nice, even though id seen her the night before. Lol

The night before I went to my friend (also the friend who moved to Perth)'s musical "Tommy" It was done really well and I really enjoyed it. Another friend who watched it with me had the upsetting adventure of cracking his iPhone... it was unfortunate.

I hope to start doing what I said I would and actually posting after every ride so Ill have another post later today :)